HUGE Bonuses up to $9,600 on New In-Stock Trucks -- Shop TRUCKS

HUGE Bonuses up to $9,600 on New In-Stock Trucks -- Shop TRUCKS

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Free Oil Change for Front Line Workers

Please Accept Our Complimentary Oil Change Offer

To the incredible front line workers who put their own safety on the line every day in service of our community, we at Wilson Niblett Motors Limited are truly grateful.

We understand our community is relying on you more than ever and depend on your personal vehicle to support us.

That's why, as our small gesture of appreciation for all of the efforts, dedication and sacrifice, we are offering front line workers in our community one complimentary oil change service to be applied to one of their personally owned vehicles.1

Please contact one of our representatives at Wilson-Niblett Motors Limited by phone, email, or our online scheduling tool for an appointment. Just bring your personal identification, and it would be our honour to assist you and service your vehicle.

Also, be sure to share this message with any front line workers you know in our community.

Thank you again for everything you do and stay safe,

Offer Valid until June 31st