HUGE Bonuses up to $9,600 on New In-Stock Trucks -- Shop TRUCKS

HUGE Bonuses up to $9,600 on New In-Stock Trucks -- Shop TRUCKS

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COVID-19 has made this a challenging time for some of our family and customers to get clear information. That's why we created this page-to give you a one-stop spot for information when it comes to your GMC vehicle questions.
Whether you have questions about your vehicle or you need to discuss financial issues, or other resources, we've compiled answers to as many questions as we can.
These are unprecedented times. And we're taking unprecedented steps to help you and your family get through them.

Need Help? Contact an Advisor.

If you have questions about your current GM vehicle you can call our Customer Care Centre at 1-800-263-3777 (1-800-263-3830 for TDD users) or get connected by simply clicking to chat.

OnStar® Crisis Assist.
GM Canada is making OnStar Crisis Assist services available to current owners for a limited time. With Crisis Assist, you get access to specially trained Advisors who are ready to help 24/7 during emergencies and other unexpected situations.

Complimentary data for owners.
To help you stay in touch with loved ones and keep your children connected to their virtual classrooms, we're offering 3GB/3 months (whichever comes first) of in-vehicle data± to our customers. This means you can use your vehicle's available 4G LTE Wi-Fi® Hotspot for times when you have to be in your vehicle, or from up to 15 metres away±.