Trading in your vehicle is not a scary a process as you may have thought. Not if you come to Wilson Niblett Motors. We eliminate the hassle by not just making the trade-in process simple, but by providing comprehensive service that improves your overall experience at the dealership. Stop in to check out our impressive selection of new and used models and Experience Greatness at Wilson Niblett Chev.

#1 - No hassle

You don't have to worry about fixing little issues, dings, scratches, or small damages because that would factor into the price of your trade-in. We understand better than anyone that typical wear and tear happens, and we can differentiate between that and something more serious. Also, you don't have to worry about dressing it up for us. You don't even have to wash it. We'll take the vehicle as is.

#2 - Convenience

When it comes to trading in your vehicle, a lot of the times it's as easy as you bringing your car in, and walking out with something new and different. It's hard to argue with that simplicity. You don't have to go through any of the penny grinding that comes from selling your vehicle privately. We simply assess your current vehicle and use that to mitigate the price when negotiating a new one. Quick and easy.

#3 – We’ll Help

If you happen to be trading in a vehicle that you still owe money on, that's just fine. We'll contact the lender and pay off the remaining balance. This allows you to get a new vehicle without having to worry about paying off your previous one. We handle all the complicated banking stuff so you don't have to.

#4 - More Help

When you trade your vehicle in, we verify if there are any positive balances due on the car. If your car is paid off or if you have positive equity on the car (our estimated value is more than you owe) you can use what money remains to help with your down payment. Trade-ins are designed to help you leverage the cost on a new vehicle.