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At Wilson Niblett Motors, we are committed to offering a first-rate GM mechanical service each and every time you visit. Our highly skilled and qualified service team works closely with our GM-Certified technicians to make sure that all of your service needs are met and repaired to your expectations. When it comes to servicing your vehicle we go about things a little differently. For starters, we only fix what we say we're going to fix. Which means we only charge what we say we're going to charge, too. Now, should something unexpected come up- which we both know can happen- we make certain we speak with you about it first.

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Warm Weather Preparation

As temperatures increase, so do the demands made on your vehicle. So make sure your vehicle is up to summer's challenge.

What You Can Do

Check tire tread depth for excessive and uneven wear.In extreme summer temperatures, you may have to change the grade of your engine oil. Check your owner's manual for the viscosity grade recommended for your vehicle's engine.
Check the cooling system – both hoses and radiator – for leaks. Check the coolant recovery reservoir under the hood when the engine is cold. Add the coolant recommended in your Owner's Manual, if required. Replace conventional coolant every two years or 40,000 Kms (every five years/240,000 Kms DEX-COOL®).*
Cold Weather Preparation
You wouldn't head out into cold weather without bundling up. Your vehicle faces similar challenges as temperatures drop. The bottom line: it needs a little extra care as the mercury plummets. A little preparation before winter sets in may help prevent major headaches later.

What You Can Do

Make sure you have a heavy-duty ice scraper and snow brush in your vehicle.
Cold weather reduces tire pressure, so check tire pressure often. See your Owner’s Manual for directions and details.
In severe winter temperatures, you may have to change the grade of your engine oil. Check your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for the viscosity grade recommended for your vehicle’s engine.
Check your wiper blades. Cold temperatures can make blades brittle, and ice on the windshield can cause nicks in the blades, decreasing performance.
If you're planning a trip, take a blanket, extra-warm clothing, a collapsible shovel, a bag of road salt and an extra bottle of windshield washer fluid.
Put on snow tires if you live in major snow belt areas. Check your vehicle's Owner's Manual for details and recommended practices.

Road Trips

Before leaving on a road trip, be sure to:

  • Take your vehicle to your GM dealer and have a Certified Service Technician check your belts, hoses, brakes, lights, windshield washer fluid, wiper blades, engine oil and coolant.
  • Make sure your trunk has a jack, lug wrench and other tools you’ll need to change a tire.
  • Check tire pressure of all tires, including the spare.
  • Make sure you have a working flashlight with extra batteries, emergency reflectors, sunglasses and a first aid kit.
  • Take your driver's license, vehicle registration and auto and medical insurance cards.
  • Carry a spare set of vehicle keys.
  • Plan your route and leave a copy of your itinerary with a relative or neighbor.
  • Take any special medications and prescription information.
  • Take your doctor's phone number.
  • Take your eyeglass prescription.
  • Bring a cellular phone or sign that tells passersby to “Call Police” in case of trouble.
  • Have any repairs or vehicle maintenance performed before the trip - See your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for vehicle maintenance schedules.

Driving Tips

Buckle Up!

The most important tip to keep your family safe while driving is to always use safety belts and proper child restraints. Children are safer when placed in the rear seat in the appropriate infant, child, booster seat, or safety belt – appropriate for the size and age. Never place a rear facing infant restraint in the front seat of a vehicle equipped with an active air bag.
Both Hands on the Wheel!
The first car safety tip is to always drive with both hands on the wheel. The best place for your hands are at the nine and three o'clock positions, which help provide greater control when steering.

Lights On Please!

With your safety in mind, all new GM vehicles come equipped with daytime running lamps. To help with safe driving, turn on your lights in rainy or snowy weather to make sure that your headlamps, tail lamps and other exterior lamps are on. Even if your visibility is good, other drivers will have a better view of your vehicle.

Snow on the Roof

Don't let snow pile up on top of your car or truck. Peaks of snow increase drag and decrease gas mileage. And snow piled in your pickup's bed can obstruct both your view and the view of other drivers.

Quick Maneuvering

If you need to veer suddenly to avoid hitting an object in your vehicle's path, before turning, make sure you look in the direction you'd like to head towards to make sure the path is clear.