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Do Tires Expire?

Tires are without a doubt the most critical safety component on a vehicle. Where the rubber meets the road affects traction, handling, steering, stability and braking. So, if you are about to take the winter tires out of storage in the next coming weeks and put them on you vehicle, take a minute and check them out. They might have only been run for a few thousand kilometres and passed the standard penny tread test, but they certainty will not provide as much grip as the last time you drove on them.


Tires will only retain their original design efficiency for up to 5 years and all tires lose some of their effectiveness with each use. Tires age because of a chemical process called oxidation. As the rubber is exposed to oxygen, it dries out and becomes stiffer, leading to cracking.


Don't necessarily rely on your receipt for the age of your tires due to manufacturing location, shipping, stocking, seasonal and other considerations. The only way to judge is by the actual manufacture date printed right on the tire.


Where do you find your tires manufacture date?




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