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Costco Member Exclusive offer on SUVs!!! Shop Deals

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Service Certified service we are here to help

We know that these are uncertain and challenging times, and your vehicle should be the least of your worries. Should you require repairs or routine maintenance, know that the Certified Service experts are available to handle your vehicle service needs. Wilson-Niblett is working with GM to help keep our employees and customers safe while your vehicle is in our care.

As the current situation continues to evolve, safety remains Wilson-Niblett's Certified Service's overriding priority.

Personal Protective Equipment available to Customers

- Personal Face Masks
- Hand sanitizer

Protection of your Vehicle During Services

- Keys, door handles, steering wheel & shifters are sanitized before and after service
- Plastic protective cover placed over steering wheel and driver's seat

Dealership Care

- Common surfaces such as door handles, payment machines and counters are regularly cleaned and sanitized
- Staff are encouraged to wash hands regularly, stay home if they are experiencing any form of symptoms personally
or have been in contact with someone who has.